Monday, May 24, 2010


Wow, it's been a while! Sorry to take so long to post; I've been tres busy pimping out The Plan on our Facebook page (and if you're not a fan of The Plan, shame on you! Go to this page right now and 'like'. Go on, I'll wait...).  C2E2 went very well for the book. We got a lot of sales and great response, and have sold the book to a few very discriminating comic shops. Diamond, you'll recall, is not carrying TAP, so all of our sales are coming from Amazon and through the Transfuzion website. Not a ton of orders, but the book is print on demand, so we can keep it around for a good long while. The big news is the announcement of our first (but not last) signing, on Saturday, June 19th, at Atlas Comics, 4735 N. Cumberland, in Norridge, Illinois, from 3 pm until 5 pm. Their website is here. "Why," you're asking yourself, "only two hours, Unca Raffy?" Well, Junior, the reason is simple; we want to get as many people in in as short a time as possible, for optimum sale-ability. To drag a signing out for longer than two or three hours can spell death on the store, the creators, and the fans; everyone is tired by that point, or disillusioned, or worse. A shorter time means all of our fans, and our host, can spend time together and bond over how freaking cool our book is! TAP has received some really nice reviews of late, including this one from Mania. I didn't agree with everything the reviewer wrote, of course, only the good stuff. Still, check it out, there's a lot of love there!
If you or anyone you know thinks there's a store out there that would benefit from either copies of our book for sale to an otherwise unsuspecting public, and from a an in-store appearance by Dan and me, let me know, won't you? More to come, and soon...