Thursday, May 14, 2009


THE APOCALYPSE PLAN is an allegorical study of Good versus Evil, specifically the war between Heaven and Hell. Allegorical in that it favors, in its presentation, style over substance. The story unfolds without preamble; no exposition is made to inform the reader of the tale’s origins. It is simply told.

THE APOCALYPSE PLAN’s high concept conceit is, at its basest, simply this: it is the story of Revelations written as a John Grisham thriller that has been made into a cinema verite film of the late ‘70s and directed by William Friedkin who has shot entirely on location in Italy…

In place of Heaven and Hell, we have The Grace Corporation and Morningstar, Inc., two major companies, each vying for control of the ‘market’ (mankind). And while there are battles, to be sure, the feel of them, for the most part, are more akin to an action/adventure or espionage thriller than to any Judeo-Christian/Greco-Roman, Biblical visualization.


  1. Sweet Job Dan! It looks so much more solid than the version I had previously seen, Great job! Raf what can i say but You have yourself a winner here! Kudos my friend from what I've seen it looks amazing, it's like reading the bible! Woa!!!!!

  2. this is going to be the thrill ride of the decade...

    peace out

  3. Raf! That's one brilliant & juicy high concept brother:) I'm eager to see this thing lift off!

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  5. You guys are blowing me away with this stuff!
    More please...