Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apocalypse Plan is now in Previews for ordering!

The time is upon us to get Apocalypse Plan on the shelves! The Apoocalypse Plan is available in the October edition of Previews for retailers to order. It is listed under it's publisher, Tranzfusion. This is the part where the creators need you to ask your local retailer, be it a comic store, book store, whatever, to order copies of the book. This helps us in several ways:

1. To begin with, we need there to be enough orders to justify printing it.
2. If you order it, your retailer may decide to order more than one copy, meaning that the other copies would go on the shelves because of you.
3. As this is our project and we own this baby, you ordering it helps us earn our living. This is how the more independent comics stay alive.

I thank you for doing your part to help with this, and I hope the reward is an enjoyable read for you and yours.


  1. what's the number. if i ask my shop to get it, providing a number to them would go a long ways.

    peace out

  2. Hey, Arnie! YOu got yer number, babe! Now go order order order!