Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mister Goat.

Here is Mister Goat, head honcho at Morningstar. None of this mess would've happened if he hadn't gone on vacation. It always hits the fan when you're soaking up the sun on a nice beach with beautiful ladies and umbrella-laden beverages at your disposal. Still, he is the man, even if his company is being taken apart floor by floor.

Raf had called for Mister Goat to bear a resemblance to Johnny Depp. He was nice enough to let me model him instead off of a certain rock-and-roller. Bragging rights to whoever can figure out who I'm referring to.


As of this writing, Dan has finished page 53 of this 64 page graphic novel, and I have lettered 30 pages. Work proceeds apace, and we hope to have a fairly substantial preview to show in the next few weeks. Very exciting! Also, I'm pleading with any interested parties to spread the word on this project; ask your friends to subscribe, to link to us, to be on the lookout for the preview; you'll be glad you did!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Character profile: Abaddon

Here is our main protagonist, the right hand man to Mister Goat himself; Abaddon. As our story begins, his primary assignment is to watch over Morningstar while the boss is on vacation. He's a very complicated man, but his many layers are slowly revealed, both metaphorically and literally. He goes from businessman to something else entirely, but one thing is certain: he's deadly in any incarnation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Many of you (you know who you are!) have asked about getting a poster of this marvelous cover image that Dashing Dan created. I've done you one better and put together a whole cafepress store with THE APOCALYPSE PLAN cover pasted on all kinda stuff! Check it out here.

Monday, May 18, 2009


My good friend Toni Boix, a journalist for the Spanish language comics website Zona Negativa (Negative Zone) is the first reporter to mention the return of TAP. Toni first interviewed me for a Phantom story I did a while back, and we've kept in touch. Check out the really nice blurb he wrote here.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Exploded building, Start to finish.

Raf and I want to introduce you to the characters first, and I thought to myself, "Why not introduce one of the biggest characters of the book: the city itself?" There's a lot of attention paid to the two buildings in the story, and here is one of them. This is the Morningstar building, and the drawing process that created it at this particular point in The Apocalypse Plan.

What we have here is a building that has had two floors BLOWN out of it, and is still standing.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


THE APOCALYPSE PLAN is an allegorical study of Good versus Evil, specifically the war between Heaven and Hell. Allegorical in that it favors, in its presentation, style over substance. The story unfolds without preamble; no exposition is made to inform the reader of the tale’s origins. It is simply told.

THE APOCALYPSE PLAN’s high concept conceit is, at its basest, simply this: it is the story of Revelations written as a John Grisham thriller that has been made into a cinema verite film of the late ‘70s and directed by William Friedkin who has shot entirely on location in Italy…

In place of Heaven and Hell, we have The Grace Corporation and Morningstar, Inc., two major companies, each vying for control of the ‘market’ (mankind). And while there are battles, to be sure, the feel of them, for the most part, are more akin to an action/adventure or espionage thriller than to any Judeo-Christian/Greco-Roman, Biblical visualization.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mister Lamb.

Well how about that? The artist beats the writer to the punch! Here is the first of several posts on the Apocalypse Plan blog. And what is The Apocalypse Plan, you ask? It will become abundantly clear as Raf and I divulge more and more, but it has something to do with this guy up here. His name is Mister Lamb, and he wants nothing more than to please his Father. No matter what the cost may be.

Intrigued? Subscribe to this blog, dear reader. We'll be showing behind the scenes artwork, scripts, and so on. You'll be privy to everything and more well before the book's release this year. More to come!