Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A toast!

Yesterday I drew the last page of The Apocalypse Plan! I was waiting for the ticker tape and balloons to come shooting out from the ceiling, for the dancers and the clowns to burst from the closet.

When none of this happened, I just drank a beer and smoked a cigar like a manly man. Meg was asleep, it was too late to really call anyone. And all of the dancers and balloons were probably saving themselves for Michael Jackson's memorial today. As they should, I suppose.

But the book is done. Granted, I have to draw a few extra things here and there to tweak it a bit, but it's done. And it is probably some of my best work, if not the best stuff I've drawn. I'm very excited about it coming out, so much so that I am going to be drawing a Chicago convention-exclusive cover for it.

Who knows, maybe the party begins after I finish THAT...

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