Thursday, July 2, 2009


The story of how I met Dan Dougherty is the stuff of legend, and chronicled in the introduction I wrote to his collected BEARDO comic strips. If you've not heard of BEARDO, shame on you! Check the links over to the right there... Go ahead, I'll wait...

You're back? Good. I hope you enjoyed what you read, and will order multitudinous copies of the book, if only to read the intro. You won't be disappointed...

Dan is not only my collaborator on THE APOCALYPSE PLAN, he is a dear friend, and, I hope, a frequent partner in crime on future projects. First, he's lightning fast on the drawing board; he can pencil, ink, and add grey wash on a page in a day, which is pretty impressive by itself, but combined with the fact that he has a wonderful eye for composition, anatomy, architecture, perspective, and all that, makes him formidable, indeed. My master plan is to tie him down to a few more projects before one of the majors snaps him up. Secondarily, and you will know this if you actually took the time to read a BEARDO strip, he's a great storyteller. You'll know that, too, if you pick up CYCLONE BILL AND THE TALL TALES, the graphic novel he wrote and drew, which can still be found, I think, at Moonstone Books

Dan has been proven as asset to TAP not only in terms of the art, but also in massaging some of the finer points in the storytelling. That's why, when you look at all he has and can accomplish, I suffer his horrible atttitude and snarky demeanor.

The first project Dan and I ever worked on was a 10 page horror story called CAUGHT IN THE TRAP, for a horror anthology that will happen sometime before I die. It's stunning, and we will be making it available for purchase as an ashcan at WizardWorld Chicago this August.

I so loved what he did that I asked Dan if he would take on TAP, and the fool agreed!

Dan Dougherty is a multi-talented man, and if you need more reason to buy THE APOCALYPSE PLAN, then buy it for the purty artwork. Yeah, he's just that good. And, I hate him.


  1. It's a meetin' of 2 Tremendous Talents (Such as Yourselves), like this, that makes it into the Pantheon of Comics. I'd Wish You Good Luck, but I doubt either will need it...



  2. well i just means the best was yet to come, and it did.

    peace out