Sunday, August 16, 2009


Well, sort of. On the last day of the Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, a rep from came by our table to ask if Dan and I would be interested in pimping TAP LIVE on there podcast. We were told to ask for Sara, who turned out to be a lovely, very enthusiastic young lady, indeed. 

Dan and I spoke about the Apocalypse Plan, and Dan also pitched his BEARDO trade. It was a great time. You can watch the video here. We come on at about the 2h:48m mark. 


  1. That looks awesome, sure they got your names wrong or you should have stood where the other one was standing. But you got to be on a podcast. Looks good.

  2. two things... Are you two going to be at C2E2 here in Chicago in April?

    Can you give me any tips on publishing a comic book? I have a friend who has a basic outline of what she and her brother, who passed away a few years ago, wanted to do. She even went as far as to turn him into a character in the story.

    Who can I talk to Raf?