Friday, August 7, 2009


So, this morning, Dan made it to Con before me, while I made my journey via a long, long bus ride to the Donald E. Stephens Center. As I walked from the train station towards the Con, Dan called to check on my ETA. Five minutes, I said, why?

There's someone here to buy our book, he replied. 

Two minutes later, out of breath, and sweating profusely, I entered the convention center and raced to our table, 4202 in Artist Alley, silver pen in hand to sign yet another copy of our Comic Con Exclusive issue of the The Apocalypse Plan. This was at 9:05 am, a mere five minutes after the doors opened! And the day only got better after that!

The Apocalypse Plan is selling, folks, better and faster than even we could have imagined! Dan and I believe, if the last two days are any indication, that we might sell out of the book before we even get to Sunday's show!

1oo copies, signed and numbered by the creators, with a Comic Con-exclusive cover, priced at a reasonable $20. TAP is selling well, and quickly. Have you gotten your copy yet?

Doors open on Saturday, at 9. I'll be there, ready to sign. So will Dan. Will you?

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