Thursday, June 25, 2009


Keeping with the horsemen, let us now take a look at Famine. Surprise, surprise, he's eating a sandwich.

Famine comes in a little later in the story, and I think Raf did this in an attempt to stay true to the order in which the Horsemen come originally. You start with Pestilence, move on to War, complicate things further with Famine, and wrap it up with Death. He never has confirmed that he's that clever, and I didn't ask. Never give the writer an ego boost. It's almost as bad as giving the artist one.

Which reminds me...In Raf's last entry chronicling the long and winding process that has led up to this book being made, he deliberately left out the part where I came in! Blast you, Raf! So I'm hoping that I make the cut next time. Although if you really want to know how Raf and I met, you could read the foreword he did in my Beardo collection, priced modestly at 14.95! Pluggy plug plug!

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