Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day one: success!

Preview night of the Chicago Con has come and gone, and so have several copies of the exclusive edition of The Apocalypse Plan. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered them, and thanks also to those who made a point of stopping by the table and picking up a copy. Remember, the exclusive edition is limited to only 100 copies, and if we sold a bunch on the night when we're not supposed to sell anything, then we might have the good fortune of selling all of them. So if you want a signed, numbered, exclusive edition of the BEST book to hit the Chicago Con, meet us up at our table this weekend.




  1. what on sale already? i need to got the the east coast baby. given the talent in this i t should do well. all the best...

    peace out

  2. arnie, if you go to the east coast, you'd still miss us. we's all about the midwest, baby! send me an e and i'll see what i can do for ya, yeah?